Welcome to the Weobley High School Drama department website. On here you can find revision guides, letters to parents and trip details (past and future!)

We teach drama for one hour a week to all pupils in Year 8 and 9.
Students work collaboratively in order to achieve a shared goal. The subject fosters social and inter-personal skills.
Much of the work is creative: during a single lesson, students often construct a meaningful piece of drama.
  • Students are regularly encouraged to reflect upon what they have achieved or learned.
  • Independent learning is an inescapable fact of life for the student of drama.
  • Pupils regularly evaluate their own work during lessons; they are also given frequent opportunities to reflect on their learning experiences in written form. We have incorporated a section for parents to complete at the end of every evaluation sheet.
  • The new S.O.W. at KS3 incorporates regular opportunities for pupils to evaluate their own work.
  • We work together with the Music and Art department to produce a summer show, alternating between a Big Show and Variety Concert allowing all at Weobley a chance to participate in Drama.